To replace the damaged threaded insert you'll want to do the following:

Make sure to protect the aluminium threads if you are using any tool to hold the extension.

  • Unwrap the red and orange wires leading from the hot end from the wooden plates.
  • With the hot end nozzle off, you can use the lower damaged threads to hold the whole threaded extension.
  • Unscrew the threaded extension assembly from the PEEK plastic body. Once freed, you can move onto removing the heater-block.
  • The heater block is threaded onto the extension and secured with a M3 x 4mm set screw. Remove and set aside the set screw.
  • You should now be able to unscrew the heater block.Be careful not to damage the heater resistor or the thermistor on the heater block.

The process for the Budaschnozzle 1.1 - 1.3 series is different from the Budaschnozzle 2.0 for the next step.

To reassemble the Budaschnozzle 1.1 - 1.3, thread on the heater block then wrap one layer of PTFE tape (plumbers tape) around the lower portion of the replacement threaded extension.

Refer to this page when replacing the threaded extension on the Budaschnozzle 2.x.

  • Gently thread the new nozzle onto the extension.
  • Screw on the heater block and make sure it's snug against the nozzle top and insert the setscrew.Do not over tighten, doing so can damage the threads.
  • Then screw in the replacement threaded extension into the PEEK body and reassemble the Budaschnozzle hot end.
  • Use the strain relief cutouts on the Budaschnozzle to resecure the wires leading from the hot end and reinstall the Budaschnozzle assembly into your extruder body.