April 20, 2015

Firmware Flashing Through Cura LulzBot Edition

Record your current Extruder Steps Per Unit​

For users with the Graphical LCD controller use the GLCD controller to view your current extruder steps per unit:

  • Navigate to: Control > Motion > Esteps/mm
  • Record the current value and skip the below section. Proceed to the next step.


If your 3D printer is not equipped with a Graphical LCD controller, view your current Extruder steps per unit with the View EEPROM Settings G-CODE command: M501.

View EEPROM Settings:

  • Power on your LulzBot Mini and connect through USB to your computer.
  • Open Cura LulzBot Edition.
  • Press CTRL P to open the control window.
  • Send the View EEPROM settings command, making sure to capitalize the "M": M501
  • Find the line following Steps per unit
  • Record your Extruder steps per unit: E___.__
  • Close the control window.


You may also view your current Extruder steps per unit from your Test Acceptance Record. The value will be labeled "E0". If you do not have your Test Acceptance Record contact our support team by sending an email to Support@LulzBot.com. Include your 3D printer serial number (found on the back of the printer at the base of the electronics enclosure) and request your Esteps.


Preferred Firmware Install Method

The lastest version of Cura LulzBot Edition contains the latest stable version of firmware for each included LulzBot 3D Printer and tool head combination. 

  1. Follow the instructions available at LulzBot.com/Cura to download and install the latest version.
  2. Open Cura LulzBot Edition.
  3. Power on your LulzBot 3D Printer and connect it to your computer using the supplied USB cable. 
  4. Record or verify possession of the Extruder steps per unit, by following the steps above.
  5. Select your LulzBot 3D Printer from the Machine menu.
  6. Select the Machine menu > Install default firmware to start the firmware update process.
  7. Update your Extruder steps per unit and perform a test print.

Manual Firmware Update Method

Download the specific firmware file needed from the links below. Choose only the one for your specific 3D printer model with installed tool head option. Save the firmware it in a notable location on your computer. To save the file, with your mouse over the desired firmware file, right click and select Save file or Save target as.

Make sure the file is saved as a hex file, not a text file.

Firmware files


TAZ 6:

TAZ 4/5:

TAZ 4:

TAZ 3 (24v):

TAZ 1-2 (12v):

AO-101 (12v):

Install and Launch Cura

If you haven't done so already, install Cura by following the instructions available at LulzBot.com/Cura. Open Cura.


Power on your 3D printer

Connect your LulzBot 3D printer through USB to your computer and power it on.

Upload the firmware

Select Machine > Install Custom Firmware and select the firmware you downloaded earlier. If it is not visible in the directory you saved it to the file extension needs to be changed to .hex.

Once you select the firmware .hex file, the firmware will be flashed onto your LulzBot 3D printer.


Update your Extruder Steps Per Unit

Using your Graphical LCD controller update your Esteps by navigating to: Control (or Configuration) >Motion > Esteps/mm. Adjust the value there by using the control knob.

Save the value by navigating back through the menu and select Store Memory.

If you do not have a Graphical LCD controller you can send a command through Cura, by loading a model, pressing Print and sending the M92 command: M92 EXXX with the "XXX" replaced with your extruder steps per unit saved in the first step. Follow that with the command to save the settings: M500.