August 14, 2015

Four 3D Printable Modifications for Your LulzBot TAZ

People seeing 3D printers in action for the first time always marvel at the machines' ability to produce useful items out of nothing more than a good idea, digital modeling, and high quality plastic filament. We can even turn around and use these very items to enhance the printer's own usefulness! All the items in this post were printed on, and for, a LulzBot TAZ desktop 3D printer using LulzBot green PLA filament, which is easy to print and strong enough for these light-duty uses.

Modification #1 – Knob Extender

As those with large fingers already know, there is little more pleasing to use than an over-sized knob. With a short print, “Rotation knob extender for Lulzbot Taz” by inkjetsux licensed CC BY-SA gave our LCD knob a quick extension that makes it that much easier to change settings and kick off prints.

Modification #2 – Filament Clips

The LulzBot TAZ is widely recognized as one of the leading desktop 3D printers for users interested in experimenting with the latest materials on the market. That being said, TAZ users often find themselves with many, many reels of filament waiting for their next project. “3mm Filament Clip - Heart shaped” by Area51 licensed CC BY-SA makes it a snap to store filament, keeping it neatly wound for the next time you need it. And each clip prints in under five minutes.

Modification #3 – Spool Mount

For those who prefer a shorter distance between spool and extruder, or just want a faster filament changing system, inketsux also has designed the quick and easy “Simple spool mount for Taz” licensed CC BY-SA. The simple spool mount sits across your top frame extrusions and holds one spool of filament at a time. The most compact spool mount I have ever seen, it is an easy print, mounts sturdily on the TAZ without any additional hardware, and works great for prints up to half of the LulzBot TAZ's build height.

Modification #4 – Tool Caddy

Aleph Objects ships out every LulzBot TAZ with a hefty set of tools, sufficient for the user to take the TAZ apart and put it all back together if needed. The only dilemma is how to keep all one's tools accessible and not strewn about on the work bench. Antoine produced a great “Tool Holder for lulzbot Taz printer” licensed GNU-GPL that mounts onto the top left side of the TAZ using two of the existing corner bracket screws. Thirty seconds off the print bed and the caddy was nicely and safely holding my blue-handled knife, tweezers, pliers, and much more.

The LulzBot TAZ modified its own functionality and convenience using only 3D printed items! How will you modify your LulzBot? Share with the community in the 3D Printable TAZ Modifications thread on the LulzBot Forum.

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