March 27, 2014

KITTAZ Workshop with Open Source Ecology, Matter Hackers

We are thrilled to announce a new 3D printer workshop being co-hosted by Open Source Ecology (OSE) and MatterHackers in sunny Encinitas, California from May 2-4, 2014! It's not just any workshop though. This is an opportunity to build your own KITTAZ, and save hundreds on a LulzBot 3D printer. Don't know what that means? Allow us to explain...

KITTAZ is the full bill of materials required to build your own LulzBot TAZ Open Source / Libre Hardware 3D printer. It also includes operating, printing, and troubleshooting information, as well as detailed assembly instructions.

We are bundling KITTAZ with a hands-on, in-person workshop with OSE and Matter Hackers where you will be guided through every step of building it yourself. The class is being taught by the one and only Lars Brubaker, renowned software geek, 3D printer enthusiast, and entrepreneur.

Lars is the co-founder and CEO of MatterHackers, Inc., which provides solutions to users and manufacturers of desktop 3D printers. He is also the creator of MatterControl, which is an open source software program for 3D printing.

This workshop is designed for all skill levels - for artists, animators, architects, modelers, makers, designers, engineers, educators, students, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and business executives.

Oh, and the best part? It's only $1,595! Meaning you can save $400 on a LulzBot TAZ 3 3D printer!

To learn more and sign up, visit the 3D printer kit workshop event page here.

Questions? Contact OSE’s Documentation Manager, Rob Kirk: or 310-739-1771.