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LulzBot 3D Printers are legendary workhorses with proven reliability and robust construction.


Premium components and optimized material profiles deliver excellent print quality.

Plug and

Intuitive operation and award-winning documentation make getting professional results simple.

Over 80 Awards in 2018

If you want a serious machine, you won't find a better 3D printer on today's market - whether you need to create small pieces or one large part. Rated "Best of the Best" | Best 3D Printers |
If you are looking for a printer that you can lift out of the box, plug in, and print amazing models, the LulzBot [Mini 2] is for you. If you intend to buy only one printer and have it sit on your desk, this is a perfect choice. Choice Award 2018 | LulzBot Mini 2 Review | Windows Central
The LulzBot TAZ 6 scored very high for build quality and reliability, and that’s not surprising given the fact it received reviews describing it as “built like a tank” and “it’s metal body is rock solid.” Furthermore, users of the TAZ 6 have almost unanimously given it 5 stars for print quality. Best Workhorse | 3D Printer Guide 2018 | 3D Hubs
If you’re looking for a top quality desktop 3D printer for single extrusion, then call off the search. The LulzBot Mini has been engineered with love, care and attention by the good folks at Aleph Objects; so much so that using it on a daily basis becomes a genuine pleasure. Editor's Choice | LulzBot Mini Review | All3DP
The TAZ 6 automated features and range of software options exist to make the entire printing process as stress-free and as easy as possible. It’s a perfect model for serious 3D professionals who insist on high quality, versatility, and reliability. Top Pick | Best 3D Printers of 2017 | 3D Insider
You'll have it un-boxed and running within 15 minutes with standard profiles. Very well built and reliable and with some experience, you'll be printing outstanding prints in no time! In summary, the LulzBot Mini is an excellent machine in its class, providing an easy way to get started in the world of 3D printing. Best of Plug 'N' Play | 3D Printer Guide 2017 | 3D Hubs
The LulzBot Mini is a perfect match for high school and university STEM labs, Makerspaces, basement tinkerers, or anyone looking for a sturdy, reliable bot at a reasonable price point. This machine is a good choice as a first exposure to 3D printing or as a small-scale workhorse for an expert user. 3D Printer Buyer's Guide 2016 | Make: Magazine
It is the best FDM 3D printer we have tested. While print quality remains the same, the TAZ 6 is more reliable and easier to use than its predecessor. Plus, the self-leveling print bed and extruder cleaner make printing more consistent and reliable. Editor's Choice | LulzBot TAZ 6 Review | Tom's Guide

The LulzBot Standard

Print With 30+ Materials

Material freedom is as easy as click-and-print with 30+ supported filaments in our Free and Open Source Software: Cura LulzBot Edition.


Print more, fuss less. LulzBot 3D Printers feature automatic leveling for maximum efficiency and quality prints, every time.

Heated PEI Print Surface

Our heated borosilicate glass print beds feature a PEI print surface for optimal print adhesion and release.

Modular and Upgradeable Tool Heads

Get the job done with the right tool head for your application. Precision, versatility, speed: we've got you covered.

Tetherless 3D Printing

Save your G-code on the included SD card and 3D print without connection to a computer with an intuitive Graphical LCD interface.

Warranty and Support

All new LulzBot 3D Printers include a one-year limited warranty with USA-based technical support from the friendliest experts in the business.

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When you buy a LulzBot 3D Printer made in the USA, you join a community of engineers, innovators, and free-thinkers in more than 80 countries. Get advice, share projects, and collaborate with thousands of like-minded contributors on the LulzBot Forum.

As part of our commitment to User Freedom, we support the following projects and organizations, and run our company using Free and Open Source software:

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