Leveling the bed for the first time

Make sure you take the time to go through the following procedure to help ensure that your prints are consistent and trouble free. Once Pronterface is connected to the printer use the homing buttons to home the X and Y axis. Do not use the Home Z button until after the Z axis End stop has been adjusted. Make sure that the red shipping clamps on the Z axis smooth rods have been removed before continuing.

Rough Adjustment of the Z Axis End Stop Trigger

Before using the Home Z button or the Home all button you will need to adjust the ,strong>Z axis endstop trigger. The red end stop trigger is on the far left of the printer, mounted on the X-axis motor mount. Once connected to the TAZ 3D printer in Pronterface, Rotate the Z axis end stop trigger clockwise to lower the bottom of the screw closer to the Z axis end stop. Once lowered by approximately 1cm, press the Home Z button to home the Z axis. The hot end will approach the heated bed and should stop around a centimeter above the surface of the heated bed. While the Z axis is moving down pay attention to the Z axis movement and sound. The Z axis stepper motors should be moving in unison. If you notice a grinding sound, stop, turn the printer off and before proceeding, make sure that the Z axis looks level in relation to the body of the TAZ 3D printer. Manually rotate one of the Z axis linear threaded rods by hand if needed to visually level the Z axis.

Raising the Z Axis

Use the +Z 10 button to move the Z axis up in 10mm increments. Commands sent in Pronterface will stack, so multiple movement button presses can potentially be harmful and cannot be stopped without powering down the 3D printer. Keep an eye on the nozzle for the hot end. Raise the Z axis until the hot end nozzle is approximately 40-50mm away from the print bed.

Verify Z Axis Leveling

With the Z axis above the bed, use the included 150mm ruler to measure the distance from the bottom of the X axis smooth rod and the top surface of the Y axis aluminum bed plate on the left side.

Compare the distance measurement from the left side to the measurement on the right side. The distance measurement should be the same. If not, in Pronterface use the Motors off button to turn off the stepper motors on the TAZ 3D printer. Manually, by hand, turn the threaded rod on one side of the printer to raise or lower that side to match the measurement on the other side. If the Z axis has been adjusted measure again to confirm that the left and right side of the Z axis are level in relation to the Y axis aluminum plate.

Fine Adjustment of the Z Axis End Stop

Now that the Z axis is checked for level a finer adjustment of the Z axis end stop trigger can be set.
Adjust the Z axis end stop trigger by rotating the screw counter-clockwise to raise the tip of the screw. Raise the screw by roughly the same amount of the distance between the nozzle tip and the print surface. Press the Home Z button to home the Z axis. The tip of the nozzle should now be very close to the surface of the bed.

Leveling the Print Bed

Slide a thin piece of paper underneath the nozzle in the front left corner of the bed. Adjust the Z axis end stop and home the Z axis until the tip of the nozzle applies a firm pressure on the paper. Try to slide the paper from underneath the tip of the nozzle. It should not tear, but some resistance should be felt.

Move the hot end nozzle tip over to the far side of the X axis by using the +X 100 button. As the X axis carriage approaches the end of the X axis use the +X 10 button and finally the +X 1 button. Once the tip of the nozzle is near the front right corner of the bed slide the same piece of paper under the nozzle and home the Z axis. To raise or lower the front right corner of the bed adjust the third screw from the left. Do not adjust the middle screw. Adjust the front right corner of the bed until the amount of tension felt when moving the piece of paper under the nozzle feels the same as the tension felt when doing the same thing on the front left corner.

Repeat the same process using the +Y button to move the heated bed to place the nozzle on the rear right corner of the bed. Adjust the height of the bed using the same procedure as outlined above. Finally, move the X axis carriage over to the rear left corner of the bed and perform the same leveling procedure to adjust the last corner.

The bed should now be almost perfectly level. Use the controls in Printrun to raise the Z axis up 20mm, and move the X axis carriage over to the center of the X axis.

Verifying Bed Leveling

Use the home buttons to home the X axis and then the Y axis. Next home the Z axis. When the Z axis is at home the nozzle tip should be right above the glass
. The image to the left is the correct nozzle height.

The nozzle should not be pushing down on the print surface.

Z Print Height

Load the bed_level.gcode file.
This file can be found in the calibration directory on the SD card included with your TAZ 3D printer or at: www.LulzBot.com/support/downloads. Once you have downloaded the file to your computer, press the Load file button in Printrun. Navigate through the file browser to the downloaded bed_level.gcode file, highlight the file and select the Open button.

The .gcode file should appear in the Printrun G-Code viewer. Press the Print button to begin the print. When the print starts make sure the first layer is not printing too close or too far from the print bed.

Reference the above image for an example of a good first layer adhesion. From left to right: very low, low, perfect, high, very high. If the first layer is too high or low you can pause the print by pressing the \texttt{Pause} button. Adjust the Z end stop trigger. After making adjustments remove any printed material off the bed and home the axes and press Restart to restart the print. Measure the extrusion width, ideally the width would be the same in all areas of the bed. You would raise/lower a corner to minimize/increase the extrusion width to match the others. Once they are all consistent, the bed is level!