Procedure for clearing jam in Lulzbot Hexagon Hot Ends (LulzBot Mini and LulzBot TAZ5+)

If there is no filament flow at all:

  1. If you have been using PLA or PLA-based materials, you shouldn't set the temperature past 230°C. Do not let PLA sit at high temperatures near 230°C for extended periods of time. If you have been using other filaments you can set the temperature higher up to 290°C. Turn temperature up to 230°C if using PLA-based filament, or 290°C for other materials and allow nozzle to reach temperature.
  2. Open extruder idler.
  3. Pull Filament out of the extruder.
  4. Trim off end of filament.
  5. Push filament back down into the extruder and see if you can get any filament out. You can push fairly hard against the extruder to get this to work.
  6. Pull filament back out, see if there is anything stuck to the filament and trim off again.
  7. Repeat process several times to see if you can get nozzle flowing again.

If there is flow but it seems partially blocked, thin, or is “pig-tailing” out of the nozzle:

  1. Using either HIPS or PLA turn your nozzle to the proper temperature for that material.
  2. Once up to temperature, extrude several mm of filament.
  3. Turn your temperature down, for HIPS use 140°C, for PLA use 100°C.
  4. Once the temperature is reached, open the extruder idler and pull out the filament.
  5. You should have a perfect mold of the inside of the hot end. The end of the filament should taper to a cylinder that is the size of your nozzle and have a nozzle sized cylinder that is about 1mm long.
  6. Check for foreign particles or gaps in your mold of the nozzle.
  7. Repeat steps as necessary for cleaning the extruder nozzle.