In order to re-flash your firmware you will need to have the following items available and follow the procedure below.

  • Your ESTEPS information. They can be found with your printer paperwork. If you have previously enabled the EEPROM settings you can also find this information by connecting to the printer with Pronterface and issuing the "M503" command and copying the information displayed in the terminal window.
  • Firmware Files
  • Arduino IDE
  • Download the appropriate firmware files for your 3D Printer model

  • For the LulzBot AO-100 download this archive: Marlin.tar.bz2
  • For the LulzBot AO-101 download this archive: Marlin.tar.gz
  • For the LulzBot TAZ1 download this archive: Marlin.tar.bz2
  • For the LulzBot TAZ2 download this archive: Marlin-RAMBo_1-1b_GLCD.tar.gz
  • For the LulzBot TAZ2.1 download this archive: Marlin_taz.tar.bz2
  • For the LulzBot TAZ3.0 download this archive: Marlin_taz.tar.gz
  • Download and install this version of the Arduino IDE:

    Extract the Marlin folder using 7-zip or any other archive manager.

    Navigate through the Marlin folder and open the file named Configuration.h with a text editor.

    You will need to verify/change the following lines in Configuration.h:

  • For Polyschnozzle users only:Near line 86: change "#define HEATER_0_MAXTEMP 250" to "#define HEATER_0_MAXTEMP 295"
  • Near line 218: Change the numerical values { } within "#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {50.25,50.25,756,408} // default". The specific values for your machine can be found with the paperwork included with your 3D printer. Make sure to follow this format: {Xaxis,Yaxis,Zaxis,Extruder}.
  • Save the changes. Open the Arduino IDE and open Marlin.ino.

    Select Sketch > Verify/Compile.

    Once finished select File > Upload. If you encounter errors you may want to hold the reset button on the board (if applicable) or plug in the board at the same time you select Upload.