December 14, 2012

Inspire and be inspired: A new generation of 3D printing fans

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but here at LulzBot we believe it has a lot more to do with curiosity, inspiration, and a drive to do better. And speaking of inspiration, we’re totally impressed seeing fresh designs from young minds – like the designs featured at CU Boulder's recent Engineering Design Expo.

Walking the walk

Two LulzBot team members, Caleb and Jon, made the trek west to show our support of the tech community at the Integrated Teaching and Learning Program and Laboratory’s bi-annual expo, where student groups show off their innovative inventions. See, we don’t just talk the talk -- we believe in the importance of cultivating the 3D printing community, and where better to do so than with the next generation of forward-thinking minds?

The octopus makes an appearance

Of course, we wanted to show off a little, too, so our AO-101 came along for the ride. Beyond the college students participating in the show, Caleb and Jon connected with lots of locals, families, and tinkerers who couldn’t help but be mesmerized by our 3D printer and the brightly colored prints that surrounded it. The kids in the audience were very excited about the toy-production capabilities, and more than one plastic octopus was carried away to a new home in the pocket of a little fan.

Paying it forward

We at LulzBot believe that 3D printing is for everyone, and the Engineer Design Expo was a great opportunity to show off the AO-101’s abilities and spark ideas in the crowd. We got some great questions, and in turn were given lots of food for thought. You never know when a LulzBot disciple and an AO-101 may show up in your neighborhood, so stay tuned. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the release of the AO-101, and start dreaming all the different things you could create. Then, leave us a comment... what creations will you bring to life?

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