July 24, 2014

XRobots: Bringing Costumes, Props, and Bots to Life

James Bruton, the mind behind XRobots, is one of thousands of makers around the world who chooses to use a LulzBot printer. What separates James, however, are his elaborate 3D printed costumes and online tutorials.

The XRobots YouTube page, which boasts over 73,000 subscribers and more than 10 million channel views, features detailed 3D printing tutorials on each part of his costumes and projects. If you are looking for a use case for 3D printing, look no further!

With the help of his LulzBot TAZ printer, James has begun his next endeavor: creating a 3D printed Alien Xenomorph suit. With such a complicated cosplay project, James has relied on the use of a flexible dual extruder, printing with ABS and NinjaFlex filaments at the same time.

This special extruder, still in development by the research and development team at LulzBot, allows James to print pieces for the arm of the suit to be flexible enough to allow the arm to be put on without breaking any pieces with full range of motion. If you're curious how the project is coming along, watch the following video:

After years of creating, James has started a page on Patreon, a website which allows people to fund and support their favorite artists. With a growing viewer-ship, James is taking a creative approach to supporting and expanding his 3D printing tutorial videos for the maker community. “I love to share ideas and information, develop new techniques, and give as much back to my followers as possible,” he states on the XRobots Patreon page.

James' “milestone goals” include new camera equipment, new editing and production equipment, giving money back to community education, and creating jobs. Our team here at Aleph Objects, makers of the LulzBot 3D printers, are proud to support James' work and encourage anyone interested in his work to do the same.

In the world of 3D printed costumes and cosplay, James Bruton has become a pioneer and driving force towards more realistic props and costumes. Want to learn more about James' work? Download the new XRobots LulzBot Case Study, and read about our other super users on the LulzBot Case Studies page of our website.