You Make, Therefore You Rule.

Your legacy isn't about doing what’s already been done before. Fixing, innovating, creating, you change the world as you see fit.

Wherever making leads you, you'll need tools you can trust. Tools that 3D print bigger, faster, and more materials.
Are you ready to start your journey with LulzBot professional 3D printers?

Your Legacy Is Made, Not Bought

When an advanced manufacturing technology once reserved for wealthy corporations is put into the hands of dreamers and rebels and optimists, suddenly, makers just like you are challenging the status quo.

Ideas once confined to notebook pages are now being 3D printed as hydrokinetic turbine generators, holographic personal assistants, and consumer-ready products. This is how your legacy is made.

Make Time

Remember that watch you didn't go to the store to buy? Your next opportunity for innovation has arrived. Follow this tutorial to make your own and get the wheels turning as you explore the possibilities of functional design.

Make it!

You’re Invited

With LulzBot 3D printers every little thing from the source code to the physical product itself is laid out like a 3D printed picnic table. Go ahead, dig in. People like Benjamin Franklin didn’t just believe in Free, Libre, and Open Source innovation because it’s the right thing to do; it’s also the smart thing to do. When designs are opened up to a community of engineers, makers, and free thinkers, innovation becomes exponential. This is where filament meets the road to progress.

But, We're Not For Everyone

Is buying overpriced, one-supplier ink cartridges a favorite past time? Maybe there’s something terribly nostalgic about the smooth jazz as you continue to wait for tech support?

We're not judging. It's just when you buy a LulzBot 3D Printer, you're able to choose from an ever-growing list of non-proprietary filaments, and our acclaimed Colorado-based tech support is available seven days a week. So by all means, do what you want, but you’ll have to get your on-hold smooth jazz elsewhere.

A freshly unboxed LulzBot 3D Printer sometimes leads to the question: What can I make? But you might have an easier time if you ask, what can't I? Because in the end it's a lot easier to wrap your head around the finite number of things you can't make, than to grapple with the limitless number of things you can. Best not to overthink, and just start making. Make things you need, things you want, and things you never saw coming. Make progress, make mistakes, and by all means, make mischief. Make noise, make waves, make a statement or two. Come to think of it...


The Proof Is In The Printing

LulzBot 3D Printers run
days a year to produce over
production-grade parts to date.

Our 3D Printers for education and business are designed for reliability and made in USA using domestic and imported parts. As a company that relies on LulzBot professional 3D Printers to manufacture our products, reliable hardware isn't optional, it's our business.
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