Suited for Advanced Users

Mini 1.00-1.03 Extruder Mount

This extruder mount is used in the LulzBot Mini Single Extruder Tool Head v2 . It is compatible with LulzBot All Metal Hot Ends and can be used to build your own LulzBot Mini Standard Tool Head v2.

This LulzBot Mini 1 part is a direct replacement for the LulzBot Mini Extruder Mount for the following serial number ranges:KT-PR0035(NA/EU/AU)-0000 through KT-PR0035(NA/EU/AU)-7499

If your LulzBot Mini is outside of this serial range, use this extruder mount.

  • Parts & Specifications

    Parts Included:

    One (1) Mini Extruder Mount


    Material: Black 3D Printed ABS

    Three (3) M5-0.8mm Brass Heat-Set Thermal Inserts (installed)

    Two (2) M3-0.5mm Brass Heat-Set Thermal Inserts (installed)

    One (1) M2-0.4mm Brass Heat-Set Thermal Insert (installed)