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MendelMax 1.5 Plastic Kit ABS

The MendelMax 1.5 plastic parts kit is the updated version of the MendelMax 3D printer design. The MendelMax 3D printer uses a stronger and more stable aluminum extrusion frame. The aluminum extrusion frame also allows for easy customization and modification.

This kit only includes the MendelMax 1.5 parts. The MendelMax 1.5 is able to use multiple types of X axis designs, so these parts are sold separatley. This design uses 8mm smooth rods in the X and Y axes and 10mm smooth rods for the Z axis.

    • Features

      This kit does not include: x-ends, x-carriage, extruder, z axis couplers, and y-axis bushing mounts. These parts are available in the MendelMax page as separate items. All of these parts are interchangable with multiple design outcomes.

      As listed above, this kit allows for many interchangable parts for custom designs depending on what type of MendelMax you want to build. With some builds you will need to source parts elsewhere; however, to get a complete plastic parts kit through the LulzBot store, follow the list below. This list uses four 10mm SDP bronze bushings and eight 8mm pillow block bushings.

      MendelMax 1.5 Plastic Kit

      ACME Pillow Block X-End Set

      x12 SDP Type Bushing Holder

      x2 ACME Z-axis Coupling

      AO Pillow Block X Carriage

      Wades Reloaded Extruder

      x4 Belt Clamps

      x3 Endstop Holder

    • Parts & Specifications

      Parts Included

      x4 Lower Vertex Lower

      x4 Lower Vertex Upper

      x4 Top Vertex

      x1 Y Motor Mount

      x1 Y Idler Mount

      x1 Y Idler Tensioner

      x2 Z Lower Motor Mount

      x4 Z Lower Motor Mount Support

      x4 Z Rod Clasps

      x2 Z Top Vertex

      x2 Y Rod Mount

      x4 Y Rod Clasp

      x1 Top Rod Jig 70mm

      x1 Y Rod Setting Jig


      Printed with ABS plastic with 75% infill density for superior strength

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