Suited for Advanced Users

Laywoo-D3 (LayWood), 3mm, 250g Coil (CC-Products)

While your 3D prints are rooted in technology they can have a more natural appearance when printed with our Laywoo-D3 wooden filament.

Works with: LulzBot Mini 2, LulzBot Mini 1, LulzBot TAZ 6, LulzBot TAZ 5, LulzBot TAZ/Mini Aerostruder, LulzBot TAZ Dual Extruder, LulzBot Hexagon, LulzBot TAZ 6 Hexagon, LulzBot TAZ 5 Hexagon, LulzBot Budaschnozzle
  • Features

    The material has shown no warping tendencies when printed on a heated bed during testing. Extrusion temperature is fairly wide with a good starting point at 180C. Hotter temperatures will extrude a darker filament; using variable temperatures during a print a faux wood ring pattern can be generated. Finished prints can also be easily sanded, glued and sealed.

  • Parts & Specifications

    Filament Specifications

    Filament Diameter: 3 mm (0.12 inches)

    Amount of Filament: 250g (0.55 lbs)

    Filament color may vary

    Printing Specifications

    Special Tool Head Requirements: Hot end with 0.50mm nozzle recommended

    Hot End Temperature Range: 175°C-230°C

    Print Surface: PEI film recommended

    Print Surface Temperature: 60°C

    Packaging Information

    Laywoo-3D filament ships in a coil.

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