Suited for Advanced Users

Extruder Extension Adapter v2c to v1 and v2a

Note: This product has been replaced by the LulzBot TAZ 5 v2c Tool Head Harness

Bridge the gap between your 3d printer and our new tool heads!

Bring new capabilities and better reliability to your 3D printing with one of our new upgraded tool heads. This extruder extension adapter will help retrofit your LulzBot® desktop 3D printer.

  • Features

    This plug and play extruder extension adapter is meant only for the LulzBot® TAZ 3D printer with a 2 pin, 2-wire, and yellow-marked fan connector.

  • Parts & Specifications

    Parts Included

    1 harness adapter


    Compatible with:

    Printer Connectors:

    16 pin connector, 13 output pins


    Tool Head Connectors:

    4 pin red-marked extruder stepper motor connector

    2 pin red marked fan connector

    2 pin, 2-wire yellow-marked fan connector

    4 pin yellow-marked hot end connector