Budaschnozzle 1.2

The Budaschnozzle 1.2 has now been updated to a newer version. See the Budaschnozzle 2.0 page for more info.

The Budaschnozzle 1.2 is a high performance hot end for use with RepRap and other 3D printers. The hot end comes completely assembled: wire it to your electronics and it is ready to print.

Optional nozzle sizes are available from 0.25mm to 0.75mm. With the optional PTFE tube, you can print 1.75mm filament.

You will also receive the wires and plugs needed to plug the hotend straight into your RepRap electronics. The plugs and wire extensions are not attached to the resistor and thermistor wires to allow you to use plugs or wire extensions lengths of your choice. We do include the wire extensions and plugs but they must be crimped.

Use thermistor #7 (Honeywell) in Sprinter and Marlin firmware.

The Budaschnozzle comes assembled with a 0.35mm nozzle. If you would like a different nozzle size you will need to purchase an extra nozzle and make the change once you receive both parts. We also have available the Budaschnozzle assembled with a 0.5mm nozzle.

Video of how to change out the nozzle on your Budaschnozzle 1.1

During any nozzle changes make sure to wrap one layer of PTFE tape (Plumbers tape) around the threaded extension


Version notes:

This new 1.2 version is closely compatible with version 1.1 with only a few small changes. The only major change is an addition of a set screw to the heater block. The set screw will tighten the heater block on to the threaded extension. This will make changing out nozzles much easier and reliable. The other small change is the included connectors in the wiring kit. Now included is a locking 4 pin connector for a more reliable power and thermistor connection. All version 1.1 nozzles and PTFE tubes are compatible.



  • Aluminum Block Resistor Hotend
  • Easily assembled and torn down with no glue or ceramic
  • Wire Strain Relief
  • Includes machined aluminum and steel parts, and laser cut wooden parts
  • Includes wires and connectors


NOTE: The Budaschnozzle is not compatible with Greg Frost's lm8uu linear bearing x-carriage or the MakerGear x-carriage. For lm8uu bearings you will need Prusa's lm8uu carriage. You can find it here.

To wire your Budaschnozzle into your RAMBo electronics board:

You will need the following components:

*4 male pins *4-pin housing (male) *4-pin housing (female) *4 extension wires *6 female pins *2-pin connector housing


All of these will come included with your Budaschnozzle.

Starting with the four wires on your Budaschnozzle (two orange, two red), connect male pins on the ends of each. Use the female 4-pin housing to fit over these pins. Take care to arrange the pins in the housing so that the two orange wires are on one side and the two red wires are on the other.

Choose one end of your extension wires and fit each of the four wires with a female connector pin. Attach the male 4-pin housing over these. Click the male housing into the female housing to connect the two sets of wires.

For the two wires that connect to the two orange wires: attach a female pin to the end of each, and the 2-pin connector housing over these. This end will plug into your RAMBo/RAMPS board at the 'T0' connector.

For the two wires that attach to the two red wires: leave these as flying leads. They will be plugged into the screw terminals on your board at 'D10' for RAMPS or 'Heat 0' for RAMBo (using provided plug). Once the wires have been inserted into the space, use the screw above the terminal to tighten them into place.

Your Budaschnozzle is now fully wired and ready to be used.