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ACME Pillow Block X-End Set, 2.0

The ACME pillow block x-end set includes the X-end Idler, X-end Motor Mount, and two X-end clamps. These X-ends use a 3/8" ACME thread and a matching brass nut. It is compatible with 8mm or 10mm Z axis smooth rod. This X-end set can use 8mm pillow block bushings or SDP/SI 8mm and/or 10mm bushings with the SDP Type Bushing Holder.

  • Features

    Version 2.0 adds bushing mounts to the lower clamps. This separates the distance between the upper bushing and the newly located lower bushing. The mounts for the center bushing are still in the X-end Idler and X-end Motor Mount. However, the center bushing is not needed and will be removed in the next version.

  • Parts & Specifications

    Parts Included

    X-end Idler

    X-end Motor Mount

    x2 X-end Clamp 2.0

    Additional Hardware Required

    x2 3/8" -12 ACME threaded rod (McMaster #93410A609)

    x2 3/8" -12 ACME nut (McMaster #95155A111)

    x8 M3 16mm SHCS

    x8 M3 20mm SHCS

    x5 M3 10mm SHCS

    x16 M3 Nyloc nut

    x21 M3 Washer

    x1 M5 30mm SHCS

    x1 M5 Washer

    x1 M5 Nyloc nut

    x2 608 Bearing