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Precision Metal Cast Bundle | LulzBot Mini 2

Create highly detailed 3D printed patterns with smooth surface finish for metal casting of jewelry and small parts with minimal post processing. Investment casting enables designs to be finished in a wide range of product materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, gold, silver, and bronze.

The bundle includes the LulzBot SL Tool Head to produce near-SLA (50 microns) quality positives and patterns up to 160 x 160 x 180 mm, resulting in time and cost savings of up to an order of magnitude when compared to traditional lost wax methods. Successful 3D prints are easily obtainable with the tested and pre-configured filament profiles included in Cura LulzBot Edition. PolyCast enables clean burnout (ash residue of 0.003%), easy smoothing with isopropyl alcohol, and effective sanding results.

  • LulzBot Mini 2 3D Printer
  • SL Tool Head | 0.25 mm
  • Two (2) 750g reels of PolyCast by Polymaker
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  • Hygroscopic Material

    PolyCast absorbs moisture. Store this filament in a dry location (relative humidy under 20%). If print quality deteriorates, the material will need to be dried. We recommend this dehydrator for drying your filament.

  • Get Professional Results

    For best results and tips to minimize layer lines in your finished product follow our step by step guide here.

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What's Included:

The LulzBot Mini 2

An innovative belt driven z axis, updated electronics, and premium E3D hot end combine to deliver our best print quality yet.
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SL Tool Head

A premium 0.25mm E3D hot end delivers layers as small as 50 microns for near flawless looking prints, no post processing required.
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PolyCast by Polymaker

A new, ashless 3D printing filament designed specifically for investment casting applications.
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