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LulzBot Bio

The LulzBot Bio is a FRESH™ certified bioprinter ready to print bioinks, unmodified collagen, and other soft materials for pharmaceutical/cosmetic testing, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and so much more.

  • Ready-to-print bioinks, unmodified collagen, and other soft materials
  • Easy, high-detail results
  • Configurable for fast and ever-changing innovation

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Real Materials, Real Innovation

The LulzBot Bio is optimized for Freeform Reversible Embedding of Suspended Hydrogels (FRESH™) printing. Out of the box, users can print real, unmodified collagen, alginate, and other soft materials. This brings researchers closer than ever before to recreating human physiology for in vitro testing and regenerative medicine. Combined with an ultra-precise syringe pump extruder, the Bio is ready for a wide variety of bioprinting applications, from creating multi-scale vasculature to fully functional heart tissue and more.


High-Detail Bioprinting
The syringe pump extruder design allows for precise control of material extrusion, enabling printing of high-detail objects in a wide range of materials with varying viscosities.

Material Options
The LulzBot Bio features an open materials system which includes ready-to-print profiles for alginate and unmodified collagen. With a configurable syringe pump system and extrusion settings, the Bio is easily adjustable for new materials and processes.

Designed For The Lab
The small footprint and large build volume easily fits within laminar flow cabinets or on lab countertops. The rugged design can easily be sterilized for printing cells using ethyl alcohol and UV lights.

Easy-To-Use Interface
The Bio features a 4.5” glove-friendly touch screen and SD card slot for easy operation without the need to be tethered to a computer.

Heated Bed
The LulzBot Bio’s variable temperature heated bed allows full control of environmental conditions during printing, ensuring the integrity of the print from start to removal.

Open Source, Open Possibilities

Innovation in research demands flexibility. The Bio’s FRESH™ Certified and Open Hardware Design gives researchers the keys to innovate, allowing machine capabilities to be easily adjusted for new materials and processes. The Bio’s adaptable configuration can be modified to extrude:

  • Other components of the extracellular matrix (hyaluronic acid, fibrin)
  • Photo-curable resins
  • Thermosets
  • Silicons and epoxies
  • And more....

With an easy-to-use, configurable platform, the only limit is that of the imagination.

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