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Einsy Retro Board 1.0

This compact, all-in-one control board is made by UltiMachine and comes with an Arduino MEGA and Trinamic TMC2130 drivers for quiet 3D printing.  Also included are 4 PWM Mosfet outputs, PWM motor current control for easier adjustment, SMPS for tetherless printing options, LUFA USB, and more. Note, you will also need to order the Thermal Gap Filler Kit to keep your drivers cool and functioning at optimum performance levels. 

Works with: LulzBot Mini 2
Support: Einsy Retro Board 1.0
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  • Parts & Specifications

    Parts Included

    One (1) Einsy Retro 1.0 electronics board


    • Designed and Manufactured by Ultimachine

    • Logic

      • Arduino MEGA compatible Atmega2560 and Atmega32u2 processors are compatible with all RAMPS class firmware
      • Crystals for both usb and mcu (timing accurate to 10ppm)
      • 3 Thermistor jacks.
    • Motor Drivers

      • 4 Trinamic TMC2130 1/256th microstep motor drivers(2 connectors on Z for Prusa Mendel and other dual Z printer designs)
      • SPI Control of stepper current instead of PWM.
      • Microstep mode configured by MCU through firmware (SPI, no jumpers needed)
    • PWM DC outputs (Extruders, Fans, Etc.)

      • 4 outputs (1 Extruder, 1 BED, 2 low power (fan,etc)
      • Low resistance mosfets for cool running
      • Indicator led for each channel
      • FANS have 3pin fan connector.
      • FANS have 12-24V power source.
      • FAN connectors have tachometer feedback pin to the MCU to measure fan speed in capable firmware.
    • Power

      • 2 power input rails
        • Heated Bed, 15A 12-24V (15A dedicated fuse)
        • Primary Power 10A 12-24V: Motors, Logic & Fans (5A dedicated fuse) + Extruder (5A dedicated fuse)
      • Built in SMPS for 5V generation from the Motors, Logic & Fans rail
        • Provides 5V power to FANS
    • PCB

      • 6 layer
      • 2oz copper on all layers
      • High quality, High temperature FR4-TG130 PCB
      • Gold ENIG finishing
    • Fuses

      • F1 5A supplies the motors + logic & fans .
      • F2 5A supplies the extruder heater.
      • F3 15A supplies the heated bed output.
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