Great for Beginners

PLA by Verbatim

3 mm , 1kg reel

Verbatim® PLA filament features vibrant colors and a smooth, glossy finish. PLA 3D printing filament exhibits little-to-no warping and shrinking compared to other materials, which means it thrives when making larger objects featuring flat surfaces and hard angles or requiring tight tolerances for fit.

. As a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Verbatim leverages their decades of experience in the chemical and computer industries to create this premium PLA for desktop 3D printing.

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  • Additional Accessory Recommendation:

    Verbatim PLA filament absorbs heat and so benefits from additional active cooling. TAZ 1-3 users should install the Fan Add-on Kit.


Works with: LulzBot Mini, LulzBot TAZ 6, LulzBot TAZ 5, LulzBot TAZ 1-4, LulzBot TAZ/Mini Aerostruder, LulzBot TAZ Dual Extruder, LulzBot TAZ FlexyDually, LulzBot TAZ 6 Hexagon, LulzBot TAZ 5 Hexagon, LulzBot TAZ 1-4 Budaschnozzle
Support: PLA
  • Black Black
  • Blue Blue
  • Green Green
  • Natural Transparent Natural Transparent
  • Red Red
  • Silver Silver
  • White White
  • Yellow Yellow
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