August 7, 2014

LulzBot KITTAZ 3D Printer Kit


At LulzBot, we've listened to our users and noticed that there have been many requests for the same thing-- a high-quality 3D printer kit. Our community is full of makers-- people who love to take projects into their own hands. We have been thrilled to see what you've all made with your LulzBot 3D printers, and hope that you will continue to share your 3D printed parts and creations with us. We know that building and creating is an important part of the 3D printing process. That's why we're proud to announce the KITTAZ- a kit version of our TAZ 4 3D printer.

The KITTAZ features a spacious 11.7in x 10.8in x 9.8in print area with a controllable heated bed, a Buddaschozzle 2.0, and the same high-quality aluminum frame as our TAZ 4. You can also use the TAZ 4 upgrades (like the Flexystruder) to give you a wide range of filament options. And even more KITTAZ-specific upgrades will be released in the future. True to our beliefs, all of the software and hardware used for the KITTAZ 3D printer kit is Libre/Open Source and freely available on our website.

We believe our 3D printer kits should be easy to build, so we have included all components with clear labeling and separated packaging for streamlined assembly. And to make sure you feel fully informed during the building process, we've compiled specific KITTAZ instructions that include full pictorial documentation of the assembly, available here:

KITTAZ users will also be joining a global community of LulzBot users, which includes the LulzBot Forum and RepRap community. The LulzBot community includes both professionals and hobbyists alike collaborating with active discussions, ample information, and experimental projects on our LulzBot forum. Want to learn more? Check our product page for the KITTAZ 3D printer kit or check our KITTAZ vs. TAZ comparison table below.