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Small Herringbone Gear, LulzBot Green (x3)

These 3D printed LulzBot Green small herringbone gears are direct replacements for the small gear used in all LulzBot TAZ 6, LulzBot Mini, and earlier tool heads. This three pack makes replacing small herringbone gears on both the standard and dual extruder tool heads easy, it and insures minimal down time due to small gear wear.

Note: Transfer the M3 set screw and M3 nut from the original existing small herringbone gear. Purchase a set screw and nut if the original gear is unavailable.

  • Parts & Specifications

    Parts Included

    Three (3) Small Herringbone Gears

    Additional Items Required

    One (1) M3 Set Screw, Cup Point, 6 mm (0.24 in) Length

    One (1) M3 Nut


    3D Printed in LulzBot Green ABS plastic