June 25, 2019

Cura LulzBot Edition Installation: macOS

Cura LulzBot Edition is a Free Software 3D printing solution offered through our code repositories.

System requirements and the End User License Agreement can be found on LulzBot.com/Cura.

MAC OSX Users Note:  MAC OS versions of Cura LulzBot Edition do not include support for the M175 Tool Head. 
Use the following workaround guide to use the M175 Tool Head - click to download pdf.

Files needed for M175 Tool Head workaround - click to download files.

Cura LulzBot Edition version 2.6.66+ contains firmware standardized for use with all LulzBot Mini 3D Printers, and contains important bug fixes. However, once your firmware has been updated to, GCode files sliced with earlier versions of Cura LE will no longer be compatible and will have to be re-sliced using the latest version of Cura LE. We recommend using the latest firmware included within Cura LulzBot Edition to maximize long-term compatibility. Users that need to use existing GCode files can restore compatible firmware ( or below) through Legacy Cura LulzBot Edition v21.08.




Photo by Mike Cochran, 2019. Licensed CC-0


Return to the Security & Privacy window.

In the lower section of the window under Allow apps downloaded from: and alongside the message of "cura-lulzbot" was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer, click the Open Anyway button.

Photo by Mike Cochran, 2019. Licensed CC-0


Cura LulzBot Edition will now open!

View Cura Quick Start Guide