May 26, 2014

3D Printing with NinjaFlex 3D Printer Filament

As an open source 3D printer company, Aleph Objects' LulzBot machines are known for being very developer friendly! And we are fortunate to have our roots in the RepRap 3D printer community, which we actively participate in and learn from to this day.

The developer friendly nature of our products applies not only to software and hardware, but also to material sciences where there is a rapidly growing world of 3D printer filaments. This is especially true of filament for flexible 3D prints that allow a wider range of applications for functional items.

The most exciting new material to emerge from developers recently is NinjaFlex, an elastic thermoplastic urethane pictured on the left. Simply put, 3D printing NinjaFlex has exceeded all of our expectations. The wide range of applications we have seen for this plastic filament continue to surprise us the more we use it and needless to say we have had fun testing NinjaFlex 3D printer filament to see how flexible and strong it is.

We are proud to be one of the testimonial/case studies highlighted by the makers of NinjaFlex, along with our friends at Adafruit Industries and iMaker in London. To learn more, please see the links available below:

Do you want to learn more about this material? Check out the NinjaFlex Material Safety Data Sheet and NinjaFlex FAQ.

And if you are wondering what things to print with NinjaFlex, we encourage you watch the following videos by James Bruton of XRobots. We are proud to partner with the XRobots project and see that James is doing some fascinating tests with one of our R&D projects that utilizes a dual extruder for multimaterial 3D printing. The product James is working with is tentatively named FlexyDualie and is printing hybrid parts with NinjaFlex and ABS.