April 1, 2014

Unallocated Space Hackerspace Putting Their New TAZ to Work

When we recently announced our 2014 Hackerspace Giveaway winners, we knew people would be excited because the quality of applicants this year was higher than ever. It came as no surprise to us when we started receiving emails and calls from hackerspaces already putting their new LulzBot 3D printers to work.

Over at Unallocated Space in Severn, Maryland, they held a meet-and-greet with their new TAZ. The pictures listed along the left-hand side of this blog post show their printer in action.

As you see on the left, Unallocated Space (UAS) got started with an octopus, which in addition it being our spirit animal is our standard calibration print that comes with our printers. Then they moved to a moving gear piece. One of the things we are so proud of is that we make 3D printers that simply work. Once you unbox your TAZ, you will have some light assembly, and in under an hour you will be creating prints to your heart's content.

UAS is a 100% free open technology-based community lab that hosts regular social groups, events, study groups, classes, collage activities, and educational talks. Their mission is to foster our community to "Teach, Learn, Build” with their 1600+ square foot space is minutes from BWI, between Baltimore and Washington DC.

UAS has more than a 3D printer, too! Their space is equipped with resources that support electronics (soldering, circuits), fabrication (wood, plastics, metal), and is fully wired/wireless network with a VM lab for network experiments. Plus their classroom can handle 20+ students and hosts courses in electrics, web development, programming and computer networking.

For more information on UAS, visit unallocatedspace.org for upcoming events, or contact info@unallocatedspace.org.

Several other winning hackerspaces shared the news on their respective blogs and we want to give a shout out to them as well:

  • Milwaukee Makerspace in Milwaukee, Wisconsin announced, "Being fans of open source ourselves (a makerspace is all about sharing!) it’ll be great to have a high-quality printer for our members as well as events like the Milwaukee 3D Printing Meetup."
  • TOG in Dublin, Ireland posted an update, as well as shared their knitting project that caught our attention. They are going to, "create 3D printed parts for the TwitterKnitter – and then share the designs so that anyone with a knitting machine like ours could print a TwitterKnitter add-on."
  • Arch Reactor in Saint Louis, Missouri kept it short and sweet, proclaiming, "We have won a free TAZ 3 3D printer! Lulzbot hosted a hackerspace giveaway and we were one of the lucky winners. Many thanks to Derek for putting together our application and congrats to (Arch Reactor) on our many opensource contributions."
  • Sudo Room in Oakland, California shared about some of their other 3D printing exploits (such as "traveling education excursions") and concluded by explaining, "We will now have increased capacity at 3D Tuesday, so if you want to come play with 3D printers, there has never been a better time."
  • Hal9k in Aalborg, Denmark shared a post in Danish, which you can get an approximate translation of using Google Translate!

We want to thank all of this year's applicants again for their efforts, and encourage you to check out, visit, support, and even become a member of, your local hacker/maker/creator/fab lab space.