November 23, 2012

Quality Nostrils

Maybe you've seen this owl before. He's pretty popular (and pretty cute) and is commonly used to test printer calibration. As you can see, he's a detailed little guy, and all those feathers provide a fun and attractive way to determine print quality. The detail doesn't stop at the feathers, however: the owl's face also showcases a beak with a tiny nostril on each side.

In a recently published review of several different printers, the owl was used as a challenge print. However, that same review praised a single printer for “accurately” portraying the owl's nostril as going all the way through the beak.

As it turns out, this feature is not present in the original design created by Tom Cushwa. In fact, that hole represents a serious miscommunication between the software and the machine, which could be disastrous in printing parts or even prototypes.

And us? Well, we're sittin' pretty over here with one tidy divot on each side of the beak. We believe in getting the job done right the first time, with no technical mis-communications (and certainly no holes). Our AO-100 was nearly flawless in executing Cushwa's owl design, and we are proud to be among the most accurate nostril-crafters in the game.

PS: Owls really do have <a href='">nostrils!</a> Whoo knew?