August 1, 2017

VR 3D Printing and New Software in LulzBot Booth at SIGGRAPH 2017

LOVELAND, COLORADO, USA – Aleph Objects, Inc. is demonstrating new Free Software products that complement the company’s award-winning LulzBot 3D Printers at SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles, California, USA, August 1-3, 2017. Cura 2 LulzBot Edition 3D printing software is now in public beta phase, with the company actively soliciting feedback from LulzBot users. Also on display will be a new virtual reality (VR) LulzBot 3D printing experience proof of concept, along with a number of real LulzBot 3D printers demonstrating why LulzBot has become a leader in quality and reliability for the industry.


Aleph Objects Inc., announces Cura 2 LulzBot Edition Beta

“Aleph Objects is more than an Open Source Hardware company,” said Aleph Objects’ Director of Marketing, Ben Malouf. “We have a world-class Free Software development team working on projects like Cura LulzBot Edition 3D printing software, Odoo Community Association (ERP software we use internally), and now even virtual reality applications. Software is a critical component of the 3D printing tool chain.”

Cura 2 LulzBot Edition features an updated user interface, improved G-code rendering, more slicing options for advanced users, and most importantly, an updated slicing engine for better print quality. Like all its products, the company publicly shared development of this software from day one. The source code, bug tracking, feature requests, builds, and other information are available at

Cura 2 LulzBot Edition builds on the success of the original Cura LulzBot Edition, which revolutionized ease of use in 3D printing with over 300 LulzBot quick print profiles built-in for more than 30 different filament materials. The original Cura LulzBot Edition remains the company’s recommended software for new users and mission-critical prints, until Cura 2 LulzBot Edition is out of beta as a full release.

Cura 2 LulzBot Edition is developed by Aleph Objects, its partners, and members of the Free Software and 3D printing communities, and is based on Cura 2 by Ultimaker. Aleph Objects teamed up with filament producers, including ColorFabb, PolyMaker, IC3D, and Chroma Strand Labs, to develop print profiles for the new software. “We partner with forward-looking companies who see the benefits of collaborative development. When 3D printers work seamlessly with software and materials, users benefit,” Malouf said.

Cura 2 LulzBot Edition Beta can be freely downloaded today by visiting

Also on display will be The LulzBot TAZ Virtual Reality Experience, with two 3D printed Virtual Reality (VR) headsets running a custom web-based application developed in Free Software at Aleph Objects and inspired by Pennsylvania State University student John Ostrander and Dr. Timothy W. Simpson.

The application features a virtual LulzBot TAZ 6 3D Printer making a rocktopus model using actual G-code in a range of selectable colors. While this demo is in proof-of-concept phase, Aleph Objects sees a future in virtualizing G-code tool paths for complex models prior to committing actual print time and materials.

The LulzBot TAZ Virtual Reality Experience can be accessed online here:

Both of these software applications and LulzBot 3D Printers will be on display in booth number 1136 at SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles, California, USA, August 1-3, 2017. Download the Cura 2 LulzBot Edition Beta at and try out a LulzBot TAZ 6 in VR at



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