March 4, 2014

Reddit 3D Printing Contest: Musical Instruments

Hosted by the wonderful people at Reddit's r/3Dprinting, we're very excited to sponsor the March Printing Challenge: Musical Instruments! The contest calls for 3D-printed musical instruments which will actually create music. You can come up with your own design, or work from an existing model. From the official rules:

The assembly can be hand-assembled from printed parts, assembled-in-place on the printer, or both. You may create your own model, or modify an existing one; this contest is judged on design quality, aesthetic appeal, printability, and functionality. Any submission of printed instruments may be post processed, dyed, painted, filled and sanded, powder coated, whatever. But if you do this, you must have before pictures for any printed parts. All submissions must include your instrument in STL format, a render in JPEG format, and a txt/doc file with a short description of your object. Bonus round: send images or video of the 3D printed musical instrument. ... All submissions must include a download link for the printable model you design in a standard file format. That's right. Even if you created the model, you have to upload it somewhere other people can access it (we prefer the always-open, for at least the duration of the contest!

Click through to find more information on rules and submission! Prizes are pretty sweet-- first place wins a TAZ 3 3D Printer, second place will receive a $100.00 voucher, and third place will be the lucky winner of a fantastic LulzBot T-shirt! The contest closes at 10:00 AM PST on March 25th, and contest winners will be announced no later than March 27th. Ready... Set... Print!