July 21, 2015

Protopasta filament now available

Great news! The LulzBot store now carries specialty filament by Proto-pasta! These are all premium specialty filaments that offer a range of unique characteristics. Proto-pasta filament is made by Washington State, USA-based ProtoPlant, a new partner of Aleph Objects and an innovative material company in the 3D printing industry. We found that ProtoPlant's innovative materials were a perfect pair for our versatile desktop 3D printers, the LulzBot Mini and the LulzBot TAZ.

The new filament varieties include Stainless Steel PLA, Magnetic Iron PLA, Conductive PLA, and PC ABS Alloy. Stainless Steel PLA by Proto-pasta brings metal 3D printing home by combining the familiarity of PLA with finely ground stainless steel powder, and can be polished to a metallic shine. Meanwhile, Magnetic Iron PLA is attractive to magnetic fields. Proto-pasta's Conductive PLA filament can be used for low-voltage, printed-in-place applications such as contacts, switches, and even internal wiring traces. This premium 3D printing filament can also interact with some touch sensors and even touch screens. And PC ABS Alloy combines the bonding properties of ABS with the strength and higher extrusion temperature of polycarbonate.

Find out more about Proto-pasta's incredible filament in our store!