December 27, 2013

New Filaments: Solid Stone & Flexible Rubber

If you receive our newsletter, you may have already read up on our latest filaments. We're pretty excited about them! First up is LAYBRICK, a sandstone effect filament. If you use your printer to create models or pieces of art, consider trying out LAYBRICK. It's mineral based, so it gives off a beautiful stone-like finish when printed. Plus you don't need a heated bed! Find out more about LAYBRICK here.

On the other end of the spectrum, we've been doing some cool experiments with NinjaFlex, a filament made from thermoplastic urethane which has some properties of rubber. One of our resident technician/magicians, Brent, has been documenting his findings in the LulzBot forum. We've been printing it with our new extruder (drum roll please...) the Flexystruder! You can find all kinds of information on the filament, the new extruder, and what you'll need to get started right here.