April 24, 2014

Introducing 5lb Reels of LulzBot ABS Filament

We are excited to announce the introduction of a new product in the LulzBot online store! Are you doing high volume 3D printing, either as an individual or through a community space? If so, then LulzBot's new 5lb (five pound) reels of 3mm ABS filament are for you!

What are the benefits of buying larger reels? With more filament on-hand, you can go longer before having to order more filament, and more importantly it's a great deal! Prices range from $85-$95, depending on the color you choose.

Plus, this is the same high quality LulzBot filament you're used to, so you don't have to worry about trade-offs between filament cost and print quality. This is the same filament we use in our cluster of over 100 LulzBot 3D printers where we are actively printing parts for printers that ship to customers, as well as prototyping parts for new LulzBot products.

There is a wide range of eight different colors available, including:

  • Natural
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Dark Silver
  • LulzBot Green
  • Red
  • Safety Orange
  • White

These reels are in stock and available to ship immediately! So what are you waiting for? Head over to the product page and purchase some LulzBot 3D printer filament today!