March 11, 2014

Hardware Freedom Day Sale

As the first hardware product and only 3D printer awarded the Free Software Foundation’s Respects Your Freedom (RYF) certification mark, we at LulzBot are proud to be on the forefront of the Open/Libre Hardware movement.

In celebration of Hardware Freedom Day, LulzBot is excited to announce the TAZ 3 3D printer is available on sale for a limited time only for $1,994.95! TAZ 3 3D printers are stocked and ready to ship out of Chicago, USA, London, UK, and Toronto, Canada, as well as through our partners at and Adafruit Industries.

On another note, we have received many compelling submissions for our 2014 Hardware Freedom Day Giveaway so far. If your hackerspace, makerspace, or creatorspace hasn't applied yet... Please do! We are giving away eight (8) printers and we would love for you to win one! All submissions are due by the end of the day this Friday March 14th (11:59 PM Mountain Time). The form is available on our website at

And as Digital Freedom Foundation President, Frederic Muller, recently said, “With a partner so committed to building free hardware (and software), we can only wish many more hackerspaces will jump in, work out a nice plan to win one of the printers, and celebrate with us this Saturday!” So head over to and sign up to host, or join, a Hardware Freedom Day event in your local area this Saturday March 15th.