May 31, 2016

Dragon Decor, Printed Jewelry, and More!

Everybody is talking about the new LulzBot TAZ 6, which was recently named Editors' Choice by Tom's Guide:

"(The LulzBot TAZ 6) is the best (FFF) 3D printer we have tested... The self-leveling print bed and extruder cleaner make printing more consistent and reliable." 

- Richard Baguley, Tom's Guide

Click here to read the full Tom's Guide review of the LulzBot TAZ 6

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In the Community

Fashion + Science

The team at Sci Chic uses LulzBot 3D printing in jewelry to make science and engineering inspired accessories and outreach resources.

. Learn more here.

Photo © Sci Chic, CC BY-SA 4.0

Photo © Sci Chic, CC BY-SA 4.0


Supporting Free Software

We are proud to support the Blender Institute! Their team is showing what is possible with Free Software. Try Blender today by visiting

Photo © @artificial3D

Photo © @artificial3D  

Stay on the Frontier

New filament materials are coming out all the time! From copolyesters and nylons to wood and metal composites, the choice is yours. Learn more at

 Looking for more creative uses for 3D printers? Check out this maximum size build volume Dragon Door Knocker by Shira, licensed CC BY-SA and printed on a LulzBot TAZ 6 in smoke colored High Temperature PLA from Proto-pasta:

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