April 20, 2016

Cura LulzBot Edition v19


A firmware update is recommended for LulzBot Mini, TAZ 5, and TAZ 4 users due to some hardware changes to the LulzBot Hexagon hot end cooling fans on our v2 tool heads.

Important firmware update information

We are excited to announce that Cura LulzBot Edition v19.08 has been released! Version 19.08 includes updated Quickprint profiles for 33 filament options (now over 300 quickprint profiles included out of the box), new firmware, and improved Cura usability and stability. 

  • The firmware is backwards compatible for both types of fans (Kysan and Pelonis)

  • Print quality is slightly improved

  • Updated for all LulzBot Hexagon (v2) tool heads:

    • Standard

    • Flexystruder

    • Dual Extruder

    • FlexyDually

New and improved Quickprint profiles

  • colorFabb: nGen, corkFill, PLA/PHA

  • Proto-pasta: Aromatic Coffee PLA, High Temp PLA, PC-ABS

  • NinjaTek: Cheetah

  • Taulman: Alloy 910, n-vent

  • CC-Products: Laywoo-D3

  • New combinations of materials for Dual and FlexyDual tool heads

Fixes and improvements

  • GNU/Linux users can now use 250000 baud rate

  • Improved USB printing stabilty for Windows users

  • Open Control Window through the CTRL + P shortcut

  • Cura Plugins can now be easily disabled

View the full release notes here.