March 12, 2014

CompanyWeek Visits LulzBot HQ

We recently had the privilege of having Eric Peterson from CompanyWeek visit our headquarters, which we affectionately refer to as Aleph Mountain, in Loveland, Colorado. Eric spent the afternoon touring our facility and speaking with our team about the 3D printing market.

Pictured on the left: Seth Sinnema, CTO, Aleph Objects, Inc./LulzBot / Photo credit: Jonathan Castner

One of the most interesting parts of the conversation is when Eric and our founder, Jeff Moe, talk about what our current and future customers are doing with 3D printers. Peterson writes:

With a primary market of inventors and engineers, Aleph has shipped to customers in 65 countries to date, but about half of the company's sales are domestic.

Customers use LulzBots to print everything from cable connectors to aerospace components to motorcycle parts, as well as more artistic outputs.

"I think there's going to be a lot of that [3d-printed art] in the next five years," Moe forecasts. "It's a low-overhead business where you can easily get your foot in the door."

As our recently released filament guide demonstrates, LulzBot users can print with more 3D printer filaments than ever! This goes far beyond traditional plastic filament for 3D printers, such as PLA and ABS. User freedom is perfect for a wide range of creators, but especially artists who are increasingly finding unique things to create with this exciting new technology.

Check out the full article, freely available online here.