March 10, 2014

Check Out Our New Filament Guide

At LulzBot we pride ourselves in making robust, capable 3D printers. And when the rubber hits the road (or when the filament hits the heated bed, if you will) there are several of things that really matter. Libre / Open Hardware? Check. Print volume? Double check. Filament options? Triple check. TAZ 3D printers go way beyond the scope of traditional plastic filament like PLA and ABS. This is why we are proud to announce our new 3D printer filament guide, which includes nine different types of materials to print with!

Of course, are not the only ones who are excited. On Electronic Design, Iliza Sokol provides a helpful high level walkthrough of all the materials included in the guide, highlighting a selection of materials along the way. You can read Iliza's article here.

Over at TweakTown, Charles Gantt shared our filament guide and focused on NinjaFlex, which is one of the most exciting new materials we've gotten our hands on. Charles highlighted our new Flexystruder, optimized for materials like Ninjaflex by constraining the filament as it enters the heat chamber. You can read Charles' article here.

Our team uploaded a video of a TAZ, equipped with a Flexystruder, in action. You can watch this video below:

And since the TAZ is built in the RepRap tradition, LulzBot 3D printer filament is generally compatible with RepRap printers depending on the nozzle being used. So you don't have to own a LulzBot to get in on the fun!

The filament guide is available on our website here. Buy a spool of these exciting new materials here on our website today!