June 30, 2016

Augmented Reality, Women in Open Source, Big 3D Prints

Augmented Reality Sandbox


You can create your own augmented reality sandbox! Click here for a guide on how, courtesy of System76, maker of GNU/Linux laptops, workstations, and servers.

This project shows the power of technology that respects user freedom. How would you use 3D printing to improve the augmented reality sandbox? Build your own and share your ideas on social media and the LulzBot Forum.

Special thanks to Oliver Kreylos at the University of California Davis, who developed and shared the code for this project.

Women in Open Source

Image © Red Hat, Inc.

Jessica McKellar and Preeti Murthy were named the 2016 Women in Open Source Award winners by the Red Hat community! Learn about these women and the finalists making a difference using open source here.

Light Up Our Commons

Image © Creative Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Over 1.1 billion works have been shared with Creative Commons licensing! What's next? The Creative Commons community is focusing on usability, vibrancy, and collaboration. Join the conversation here.

Go Big


From prototypes and costumes to architectural models, make the most of your machine's build volume. Our team wrote a useful tutorial with tips and tricks you can use today for large format desktop 3D printing.

This tutorial includes tweaks for Cura LulzBot Edition and advice on choosing (or avoiding) filament for your next project.