December 21, 2012

The AO-101 is Here

AO-101 Release
LulzBot not only stands behind their product – they can stand on it, as well. With the introduction of the AO-101, the best features of its predecessor (the rock-solid AO-100) are even better than before and every bit as reliable. Fully assembled, robust and ready to ship next day, the AO-101 arrives complete with a toolkit, five pounds of ABS plastic for printing, and a step-by-step manual. Easy to get, easy to use, the AO-101 offers an even-higher quality of print production, and is faster and quieter than ever before.
Incorporating user feedback from the AO-100, the AO-101 offers stronger vitamins, a better power supply and updated RAMBo electronics. Improvements to the solid plate for the heat bed allow for printing with a wide variety of material. Additional enhancements to the pulley and spooling systems produce more reliable, higher-quality prints than others on the market. An entire list of additions is available below.
AO-101 upgrades
The AO-101 3D printer is the next generation printer from the AO-100. From first glance AO-101 looks very similar to the AO-100, as most of the basic frame and design is the same. However, we did make a number of changes; although they may not visually stand out, we believe that they make the AO-101 even more reliable to any office or workshop. Upgrades and changes to the AO-101 include:
  • RAMBo electronics, including a new enclosed electronics case
  • 12VDC 16A, brick style, enclosed power supply that can accept 110VAC to 240VAC. This power supply will also accept most country type AC cables with a PC power supply type plug.
  • Budaschnozzle 1.2a hot end
  • GT2 16 tooth pulleys, for higher torque
  • Adjustable Y belt tensioner
  • Revised Z axis that greatly reduces wobble in prints
  • Revised feed tube support to make the feed tube less constrained
  • Revised filament spool mount that allows the adjustment of how easily the spool spins
  • The printer now only ships in one package for lower shipping costs