December 15, 2016

Aleph Objects Partners with Polymaker and twoBEars

LulzBot 3D Printing Platform Expands to Support Over 30 Different Materials

LOVELAND, COLORADO, USA – Aleph Objects, Inc., recently named the #1 fastest growing privately held U.S. computer hardware company by Inc. Magazine, announced a partnership with Polymaker and twoBEars. The LulzBot 3D printing platform now supports over 30 materials for the company’s award-winning desktop 3D printers. Every material is sold on, features custom-developed print profiles in Cura LulzBot Edition, and is supported nearly 24/7 by the company’s technical support team.

“The desktop 3D printing industry is evolving,” Aleph Objects, Inc. Vice President of Marketing Harris Kenny said. “Reliable LulzBot 3D printing hardware and software are here and improving. Materials are the next wave of innovation, and a Free/Libre/Open Source platform that respects user freedom is critical.”


Aleph Objects announced support for two high demand filament materials, manufactured by Polymaker:

"We are very excited to partner with Aleph Objects,” Polymaker CEO Dr. Xiaofan Luo said. “By integrating our portfolio of advanced 3D printing materials with LulzBot 3D printers reliable build quality and Open Source software platform, we will surely bring the experience and functionality of desktop 3D printing to the next level."

PolyLite PLA is available at an entry-level price of only US$9.95 for 250 g (0.55 lbs). Customers can also purchase 1 kg (2.2 lb) reels for US$25, and 3 kg (6.6 lb) reels for US$70. This combination of price and reliability will make PolyLite PLA a favored choice for many users in the desktop 3D printing community.

For industrial and heavy-duty users, PC-Max boasts an unrivaled combination of material strength and ease of printing. PC-Max fulfills the promise of polycarbonate printing on the desktop. For only US$46 per 750 g (1.65 lbs), it is an affordable high-strength solution for engineers, educators, and hackers.

“Polymaker’s premium materials are a perfect match for LulzBot 3D printers,” Aleph Objects, Inc. Vice President of Marketing Harris Kenny said. “We are excited for the community to use their filament when bringing prototypes, products, and educational experiences to life.”

Watch a PC-Max strength test, lifting 825 kg (1,819 lbs):

Aleph Objects also announced support for two specialty filament materials, manufactured by twoBEars:

bioFila Silk and Linen offer smooth textures for prototype, semi-finished good, and end use applications.

Learn more about the over 30 materials fully supported on the LulzBot platform at

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