Since the LulzBot KITTAZ 3D printer is based of our popular LulzBot TAZ 3D printer, you can easily upgrade your machine. This page is the definitive resource for the various upgrades that are available for your machine. Separate purchases and assembly will be required for these upgrades.

Full Graphic Smart LCD Controller Upgrade

Full Graphic Smart LCD

The Full Graphic Smart LCD Controller will allow you to use your 3D printer without having to be tethered to a computer. The Graphical LCD Controller makes traveling with your 3D printer easy by minimizing setup time. Simply power on your 3D printer, select one of the customizable preset temperature profiles and load your G-code file using the integrated SDCard reader.


  • Resolution: 128 x 64 LCD Display
  • Combination rotary knob/selection button
  • Integrated buzzer
  • Full size SDCard Reader


Parts Included

  • Graphical LCD Smart Controller with integrated SDCard reader
  • SD card

Additional materials needed:

  • GLCD Wiring Harness
      • Parts included
    • 1 shielded and terminated ribbon cable pair.
  • GLCD Enclosure
      • Parts included
    • Metal front panel
    • Metal rear panel with integrated standoffs
    • Metallic knob for the rotary encoder
      • Parts not included (These items are not available through, but can be sourced locally or online.)
    • 3-4x M5 8mm screws for mounting the case to aluminum extrusion.
    • 3-4x T-Slot nuts
    • 4x M2.5 12mm screws will be used to mount the GLCD into the back panel.
    • 4x M2.5 washers
    • 4x M3 12mm screws will be used to secure the front panel.