• June 11th, 2013: In the TAZ 3D Printer User Manual, pages 47 and 92 incorrectly list the heated bed temperature for ABS filament at 110C. When using ABS filament, the heated bed should be set to 85◦C rather than 110◦C.
  • July 29th, 2013: In the TAZ 3D Printer User Manual, section 7.2 incorrectly listed the old nozzle changing instructions. Our current nozzle changing instructions are: "If you have already printed with your Budaschnozzle you will need to
    loosen the nozzle after the hot end has reached 160◦C. Unless heated past
    160◦C, any ABS/PLA on the threads will influence how easily the items can
    be moved. Removing the nozzle with the hot end cold, with the presence of
    plastic on the threads can potentially damage the nozzle threads/threaded
    When re-installing the nozzle, slightly thread the nozzle onto the threaded
    extension, only one thread then set the hot end temperature to 160◦C. Once
    the hot end has reached 160◦C finish installing the nozzle. Take extreme
    caution when handling the hot end when at high temperatures; when at
    160◦C the hot end can cause severe burns. Use a pair of pliers or thick leather
    gloves when handling the hot end when at extrusion/melt temperatures. If
    your hot end has not been used the nozzle can be removed with the hot end
    at room temperature."