Required Tools

  • 2.5mm hex key/driver (included with your 3D Printer starter package tool kit)

  • 3mm hex key/driver (included with your 3D Printer starter package tool kit)


Leave the filament in the extruder when removing the extruder/hot end assembly. Doing so will help align the hot end during reassembly.

Connect the printer to the host computer, plug in the 3D printer and turn on. In Pronterface raise the Z axis to a comfortable level. You want to be able to access the X-axis carriage. Once positioned, power down the 3D printer, disconnect from the host computer.

Disconnect the two connectors from the wiring harness.

Use the 2.5mm hex key/driver to remove the one screw holding the extruder assembly in place. The screw is directly above the hot end.

Remove the entire extruder/hot end assembly from the X axis carriage.

Use the 3mm hex key/driver to remove the two bolts holding the extruder and hot end assembly onto the extruder plate

Lift off the extruder body from the aluminium hot end mounting plate.

You can now remove the hot end assembly. To reinstall simply reverse the same procedure.

When reinstalling the hot end, use the length of filament in the extruder to align the hot end filament path to the extruder filament path. You can open the extruder idler to allow the filament to enter and pass by the hobbed bolt. Once you have verified that the entire filament path is aligned and smooth you can secure the extruder/hot end assembly to the extruder mounting plate.