Welcome to the LulzBot Map

The LulzBot Map features resellers in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. If you do not see a reseller in you area, contact us by emailing sales@lulzbot.com or calling +1-970-377-1111.

Navigation Tips

Finding a location near you: Click the magnifying glass in the window below to conduct a search, typing your country, state/province, or city/town. Next, hit "Enter" on your keyboard to execute the search; select an option in the drop down menu if necessary.

Hours of Operation: Each location includes its hours of operation in local time. Locations with regular hours are shown with a star, and locations that require an appointment are shown with a telephone symbol.

Inventory availability: Contact resellers directly to see what they have available in stock before you visit!

Feedback for us: Let us know about your experience visiting Official LulzBot resellers by emailing marketing@lulzbot.com

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