3D Insider Best 3D Printers of 2017: LulzBot TAZ 6: http://3dinsider.com/3d-printers-for-sale/ "The TAZ 6 automated features and range of software options exist to make the entire printing process as stress-free and as easy as possible. It’s a perfect model for serious 3D professionals who insist on high quality, versatility, and reliability."

Aniwaa: LulzBot Mini: http://www.aniwaa.com/blog/review-lulzbot-mini-powerful-compact-desktop-... "Printing with the Lulzbot Mini is very satisfying. After loading orienting and slicing the model, it’s simply a matter of hitting the “Print” button in Cura which positions the extruder above the build plate to begin the preheating sequence."... "The Lulzbot Mini is a robust, full featured, open-source 3D printer with multi-material capability and a well developed community/user base."

Amazon.com Customer Reviews LulzBot TAZ: http://www.amazon.com/LulzBot-TAZ-Desktop-3D-Printer/dp/B00TFSKKSA/ LulzBot Mini: http://www.amazon.com/LulzBot-Mini-Desktop-3D-Printer/dp/B00S54E1AI We are proud to offer one of the top-rated 3D printers on Amazon.com. LulzBot users are praising the machine for its flexibility of use, great customer service, fine build materials, and "pure awesomeness"! Plus LulzBot 3D Printers are eligible for Amazon Prime.

Make: Magazine Ultimate Desktop Fabrication Guide (2016): http://makezine.com/product-review/lulzbot-taz5/ LulzBot TAZ 5: Best Overall, Outstanding Open Source. "It was hard to improve on the Taz 4, but a new hot end, a durable sticky-when-hot print surface, and some added, easy-to-use software options have certainly done it. Even better, the Taz 5 brings no controversial or ruinous downgrades to successful design. And while some may lament the lack of an automated platform level calibration, others may look at that as an unnecessary gimmick. The Taz 5 is a worthy successor, still true to its open heritage, and a match for any challenger."

Make: Magazine Ultimate Desktop Fabrication Guide (2016): http://makezine.com/product-review/lulzbot-mini/ LulzBot Mini: "With only a few minor downsides, the LulzBot Mini is a perfect match for high school and university STEM labs, Makerspaces, basement tinkerers, or anyone looking for a sturdy, reliable bot at a reasonable price point. This machine is a good choice as a first exposure to 3D printing or as a small-scale workhorse for an expert user."

PCMag Editors' Choice: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2476575,00.asp "Its reliability and ease of operation make it a good choice for secondary schools and colleges—where teachers and students may have limited time to set up and print—as well as libraries, community centers, and similar institutions. It also should appeal to hobbyists, artists, and designers due to its wide range of supported filament types. It's our Editors' Choice midrange 3D printer."

Tom's Guide Editors' Choice: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/lulzbot-taz-5-3d-printer,review-3045.html LulzBot TAZ 5: "The TAZ 5 emerges as the filament 3D printer to beat: it is the fastest 3D printer of its type that we have tested and produces very high quality prints in a wide range of materials... If you’re serious about printing large models as quickly as possible, the TAZ 5 is your best pick."

Tom's Guide Editors' Choice: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/lulzbot-mini-3d-printer,review-2744.html LulzBot Mini: "In our tests, the LulzBot Mini produced excellent-quality prints, at a good speed. It also supports a very wide range of printing materials, such as nylon and polycarbonate, providing you more creative freedom."

Tech Radar: http://www.techradar.com/us/reviews/pc-mac/peripherals/printers-and-scan... "Lulzbot Mini is an exciting 3D printer – it has the confidence to use 3D printed parts which are integral to the design. It also has a good community of users and excellent written documentation and support... Initial setup and configuration really couldn't be easier enabling you to unbox and print in minutes."

About: Tech: http://3dprinting.about.com/od/Desktop-3D-Printers/fl/Out-Of-The-Box-Lul... "Overall, this printer is a charmer. If you are in the market for your first 3D printer, the LulzBot Mini is a machine to consider. At $1,350.00, it might seem a bit high for some in the DIY and maker crowd, but it is an elegant, durable machine that is built to impress."

GeekDad: http://geekdad.com/2016/03/lulzbot-mini/ When talking with LulzBot about getting this printer to review I was asked if I thought 3D Printing was mainstream yet. Given how easy this is to use, I think we’re there; this is the beginning of a revolution where anyone can be a maker. The LulzBot Mini is a 3D printer that anyone can use. No special knowledge, skills, or aptitude are necessary. Though, with the included Cura software having a multitude of advanced settings to tweak, and the many other compatible printing packages, the LulzBot is excellent for the advanced user as well. Given the 30 day money-back guarantee and one year warranty, there’s no going wrong with the LulzBot Mini.

3D Printing Industry: http://3dprintingindustry.com/lulzbot-mini-3d-printer-review/ "Aleph Objects has done everything possible to make the Mini both as robust and capable as possible... The LulzBot Mini was really fun to test drive. While experimenting with it, I wasn’t sure what I liked more, the 3D printer itself or LulzBot’s whole approach to the 3D printer business. By making their machines open source, their products are completely open to the community to tinker with and improve."

PCMag: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2489833,00.asp "The LulzBot TAZ 5 3D Printer ($2,200) is a large and versatile 3D printer that can print using a variety of filament types and several software packages. Aleph Objects, which makes the printer, describes it as reliable and low maintenance, and that proved to be the case in our testing, as it successfully printed out every object we tested it with, on the first try."

Make: Magazine: http://makezine.com/review/lulzbot-mini-3d-printer/ "The Mini continues to show that LulzBot is committed to creating extremely well-engineered machines, and to sharing those designs with the community. The Mini gives you everything you want from a LulzBot printer, and a little more of your desk back."

3DPrint.com: http://3dprint.com/55890/buy-3d-printer-cheap/ "Aleph Objects and their LulzBot brand is one of the hardest working 3D printing companies I have ever come across. They have been growing by leaps and bounds, and I truly believe this is because of one main attribute–quality. The customer support is phenomenal, the printers are built on a completely open source framework, and the machines have some of the most useful features available on the market today."

ReadWrite: http://readwrite.com/2015/04/16/lulzbot-mini-reliable-3d-printer "I was pleasantly surprised by the Lulzbot Mini's ease of use and reliability, which easily beat out any printer I have used in the past. Its low-maintenance nature erased many of the headaches I usually associate with 3D printing. If you are interested in buying your first 3D printer (or second, or third), take note of the Lulzbot Mini. It may not look the friendliest, but it is. If only every desktop printer could be this trustworthy."

Computer World: http://www.computerworld.com/article/2868817/review-lulzbot-mini-3d-prin... "Set up is simple. All that's required after removing the LulzBot Mini 3D printer from the box is to remove several blocks of protective styrofoam. Once that's done, just hang the spool of thermoplastic filament, feed it into the print head, download the open source software to your computer, connect the USB cord and you're ready to print. I had the machine up and running in about 15 minutes."

3D Forged: http://3dforged.com/lulzbot-mini-3d-printer-review/ "If there is one thing that stood out the most to me about using the LulzBot Mini, it was the fact that of all the 3D printers I own and have ever used, it was by far the easiest to setup and get printing. 3D printers typically come with a bit of tweaking and adjusting to get working, but for the Mini it was as simple as unboxing it, installing the software, installing the filament, loading an object, and hitting print. Furthermore, unlike other printers that constantly need adjusting and leveling between prints, I have not had to make any adjustments on the Mini in the month that I have been printing with it."

Viget Blog: http://viget.com/extend/lulzbot-mini-critique "The Mini is a great printer with specific features that appealed to us at Viget. From the beginning, we prioritized reliability (it lives in a strong aluminum frame), ease of use (auto-calibration routines), and accuracy (.1mm x/y). The Mini excels in each of these areas without making significant compromises in others ... such as price ($1,350 MSRP)."

Open Source Ecology: http://opensourceecology.org/lulzbot-mini-3d-printer-review/ "(The LulzBot Mini) is a long way from the early days of 3D printing. It seems to me that the bed leveling function is the single most important improvement that can take a 3D printer from the realm of hackers to the realm of It Just Works... All in all, I am looking forward to finally having a turnkey 3D office printer for scale modeling – free from any demand of bed leveling."

3D Printing Geeks: http://www.3dprintinggeeks.com/ "The LulzBot 3D Printer is a force to be reckoned with. The most striking thing about the TAZ 4 is its minimalistic design. It is a bare frame that holds the moving parts and the build platform. But what it lacks in physical bulk, it makes up in terms in all the available features including a sizable build platform to accommodate models of all shapes and sizes. The settings and controls are more advanced to handle complicated designs. You also have the option to crank it up to a higher resolution for models that require precise moving parts."

3DEngr.com: http://www.3dengr.com/ "Retailing for around $1,350, the price puts the LulzBot in the medium range of 3D printers. However, the accuracy, flexibility and speed of printing processes puts this printer ahead of all competition."

School Library Journal: http://www.slj.com/2014/12/opinion/test-drive/reviewing-the-taz-4-3-d-pr... "Let’s begin with the bottom line: the new LulzBot TAZ 4 3-D printer from Lulzbot is good. Resembling a steampunk erector set, the device commands attention whether it’s printing or not. An open physical design reflects the open-source philosophy behind its construction and programming. You can see the gears, motors, and screws that maneuver the printer’s tool-head and print-bed. It’s mesmerizing to watch, like a labyrinth of cause and effect, and it works quickly for a 3-D printer."

3D Hubs 2015 3D Printer Guide: https://www.3dhubs.com/best-3d-printer-guide "The LulzBot TAZ 4 is best suited for consumers who want more than a plug and play experience and want to understand the technology behind 3D printing. With 92% approval rate, our Hubs would recommend it to professionals and makers, along with users who have intermediate experience or an engineering background."

Make: Magazine 2015 3D Printer Shootout: http://makezine.com/ultimate-guide-to-3d-printing-2015/ Awarded "Most Maker Machine by Make Magazine: "(The LulzBot TAZ has) everything a maker wants. Open-source underpinnings, big heated-glass build volume, high-temperature and multi-material capable with the custom Flexystruder. Plus, the excellent print quality and the detailed documentation needed to level up."

3D Forged: http://3dforged.com/lulzbot-taz-4-3d-printer-review/ "If you’re looking for the most bang-for-your-buck then you might not have to look any further than the LulzBot TAZ 4. Seriously, for just a little over $2,000, this printer seems to have everything most 3D printing enthusiasts want: a huge print area, an open-source platform, a very competitive price, the ability to print in a variety of different filaments, and good print resolutions."

3D Forged: http://3dforged.com/best-3d-printers-under-3000/ "Best Printer Under $3,000 - At $2,195, you’ll find that this printer brings to the table some features and capabilities usually reserved for machines in the $4,000 and up category. It’s large enough for commercial needs, and simple to use. It’s also very durable thanks to its steel construction. Those who want to use multiple material types will find this printer caters to those needs."

3D Forged: http://3dforged.com/best-3d-printers-4000/ "Runner Up Best Printer Under $4,000 - A serious heavyweight, the LulzBot TAZ 4 3D Printer is also one of the most capable models available on the market. It works with several materials, including common options like PVA and less common materials like HIPS, and the print bed is very large. It’s also open source, so printing parts is simple."

3D Forged: http://3dforged.com/best-3d-printers-5000/ "Honorable Mention Best Printer Under $5,000 - The pros of the LulzBot machine far outweigh the cons, and include the fact that this machine operates with one of the widest ranges of materials on the market. Additionally, the print area is large enough for most commercial needs."

Serial Hobbyism (Full Review): http://www.serialhobbyism.com/lulzbot-taz-4-hands-on-review/ "At the end of the day, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a more reliable printer priced under $10k... Simply put, the TAZ 4 is a rock solid printer from a respectable company at a fair price. You’re free to modify it or use it however you wish. You’re not required to use a specific kind of filament or software. If a part ever breaks, you can simply print a new one. There is an active and supportive community to get involved with. Lulzbot is exactly the kind of 3D printer manufacturer we should be supporting, and the TAZ 4 is exactly the kind of 3D printer most of us are looking for."

Make: Magazine: http://makezine.com/2014/07/07/review-lulzbot-flexystruder-flexible-fila... "I’m testing the FlexyStruder on a LulzBot TAZ 4. The entire unit was supplied for the review. I have a LulzBot A0-100 on my workbench, but they wanted to make sure I was working with the latest and greatest for best results. I’m glad they did too as the quick swap tool head that they use was very convenient. It is one single screw and 3 wire plugs to switch heads. I did not calibrate my FlexyStruder as you’re supposed to, I was curious to see how it would print without me fiddling with it. After the first print, I decided that I didn’t want to calibrate it as the print quality was fantastic."

To Buy a 3D Printer: http://tobuya3dprinter.com/lulzbot-taz-4-3d-printer-review/ "The LulzBot TAZ 4 is the latest addition in LulzBot’s line of innovative desktop 3D printers. Some of the design improvements include increased printing precision and an easier setup process. The TAZ 4 also has an available dual extruder add-on. As with all LulzBot 3D printers, the TAZ 4 is well documented and supported."

Serial Hobbyism (Preview): http://www.serialhobbyism.com/the-new-lulzbot-taz-4-3d-printer/ "Overall, the TAZ 4 seems to be part of the natural progression of an already competent machine. I’m glad LulzBot didn’t feel the need to “revolutionize” what was already a great design, but instead simply made minor improvements to make it even better."

Tom's Guide: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/lulzbot-taz3-3d-printer-review,review-2030.html "The TAZ 3 is a solid, robust 3D printer that can create good quality prints. [...] The open-source nature of the TAZ 3 means that it would be a good base from which to explore the many different printing materials that are available, alongside an active community of users experimenting with 3D printing."

GizMag: http://www.gizmag.com/2013-3d-printer-comparison-guide/30187/ "The LulzBot TAZ has claimed the largest print area for under US$5,000 for some time, and it stays true to that claim with the 3.0."

TweakTown: http://www.tweaktown.com/news/34430/lulzbot-launches-the-next-generation... "A new heated bed is powered by 24v which is double the previous voltage, and equates to a much faster heat time than previously experienced. The Taz 3.0 also features more injection molded parts, and moves further away from using other 3D printers to build parts for the new model. This means that tolerances are tighter and that results in an even more high-quality print than before."

MAKE Magazine: http://makezine.com/review/guide-to-3d-printing-2014/lulzbot-taz/ "The TAZ manual is not only the most thorough, nicely bound, and well-designed in the bunch, it’s also a great primer to 3D printing, path generation, tips and tricks, and tuning. This book would be useful to anyone using a 3D printer... Similarly, LulzBot included the best set of tools — everything you need to tweak, tune, tighten, remove prints, and do regular maintenance. This is just attention to detail at an epic level."

Make Parts Fast: http://www.makepartsfast.com/2013/10/6264/lulzbots-fifth-generation-3d-p... "TAZ 3D printers also give users the ability to dial in accuracy and repeatability because of the broad selection of print programs and variety of printing materials available, such as PLA, ABS, HIPs, wood, and nylon."

To Buy a 3D Printer: http://tobuya3dprinter.com/lulzbot-taz-3-3d-printer-review/ "LulzBot has raised the bar with the TAZ 3 3D Printer. This well designed printer can print using a variety of filament types, including wood. The LulzBot TAZ 3 is also will documented and supported."

Mecha Makers: http://mechamakers.com/aleph-objects-introduces-lulzbot-taz-2-3d-printer/ "New to the TAZ 2, the printer features an LCD display with an SD card reader that allows users to make prints without being attached to a computer. With the largest build volume of any printer in its class–approximately 12″ X 11″ X 10″—users can enjoy a new level of freedom with the same fine resolution prints and the ability to swap out or modify nozzles."

Gizmag: http://www.gizmag.com/review-lulzbot-taz-3d-printer/29284/ "I decided to put the TAZ through a standard test for 3D printers, moving parts. A true test to the quality and resolution of a printer is the ability to print moving parts without any extra print cleaning, working, or sanding; a test that also impresses anybody who has never seen a 3D printer before. A gear bearing, printed with a medium resolution, came off the printer perfectly, and it moved easily without any tooling or sanding."

23DPrinter.com: http://www.23dprinter.com/2013/09/open-source-lulzbot-taz-desktop-3d-pri... "[O]ne of the best desktop 3D printer available in the market for many kinds of people like entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, medical practitioners and design engineers, as well as hobbyists and universities."

The Independent: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/features/q-how-... "Not only did the Lulzbot come with a lengthy instruction manual, but it even had instructions for how to unpack ... Part of that is borne from the 3D printer’s genesis as a product created by hackers and hobbyists."

3D Printer.net: http://www.3dprinter.net/3d-printer-review-lulzbot-taz "The TAZ was very easy to set up and operate. It prints fast (I did 175mm/s), and it produces beautiful prints."

Top Ten Reviews: http://3d-printers.toptenreviews.com/lulzbot-ao-101-review.html "If you have always wanted to turn your ideas into tangible 3D objects, the AO-101 3D printer can help you achieve that goal. The TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award winner is one of the best 3D printers for consumers. The LulzBot AO-101 incorporates solid engineering into an easy-to-use 3D printer that is small enough to fit on your desk at home and light enough to transport to the office."

TweakTown: http://www.tweaktown.com/articles/5287/tweaktown-s-guide-to-3d-printing-... "This is by far the best hot end ever made in my opinion. ... This is the same nozzle that I use on my personal 3D printer and I have not experienced a failure in almost 10 pounds of filament. The Budaschnozzle 1.3 is designed to print so-called harder to print plastics such as nylon and wood infused plastics. When combined with a Greg's Wade Reloaded and a set of herringbone gears you get an extruder that is as robust as a tank and is capable of fine prints down to the sub 0.25mm range."

License To Quill: http://licensetoquill.co.uk/2013/05/09/the-best-home-3d-printers-2013/ "Ignore the internet slang name, the Lulzbot AO-101 3D Printer is the RepRap printing system on steroids. The build area is good and the accuracy is top-notch plus you can print out parts and upgrades at your whim. What really sets this 3D printer apart, though, is the seriously rugged build quality."

Hack-A-Day: http://hackaday.com/2013/02/09/adventures-in-3d-printing-our-first-week-... "When LulzBot contacted us, I was initially skeptical. I mean, the name is lulzBot. Is this an internet troll? Is this somehow connected to Lulzsec, the hacking group? Did they seriously name their printer LulzBot? Well, as it turns out, they are legitimate. Not only that, we’ve seen them before, they are also Aleph Objects, who sent in the video of the wall o’ printers working. Why did they name it LulzBot? The answer was basically, for the lulz."

3D Printing Industry: http://3dprintingindustry.com/2013/03/01/3d-printer-review-lulzbot-ao-101/ "LulzBot AO-101 is a very solid performing 3D printer for the prosumer market. It is relatively fast and easy to start printing, provides consistent print quality and is open for modifying and tweaking according to the end user’s needs. The AO-101 also has a very sturdy design, which could even be stomped on during printing – literally."

The Makers Workbench: http://www.themakersworkbench.com/reviews/review-lulzbot-ao-100-3d-print... "Over the last month I have managed to run almost 5lbs of plastic through my AO-100 and other than a few initial snags with slicer configurations, I can not be more happy with this 3D printer."

3D Creations: http://www.creations3d.com/2013/01/03/3d-printer-review-lulzbot-ao-100/ "This printer surprised us. I think a lot of people connotate open source with lacking professionalism, this was not the case."