With input from multiple users we have been looking into the PLA printing performance of some of our Budaschnozzle 2.0 hot ends. Some users have reported seeing PLA pooling on the top of the heater block.

PLA becomes very thin when heated to extrusion temperature and can continue to become less viscous if the hot end temperature is raised above the minimum extrusion temperature. Because of the low viscosity of PLA at extrusion temperatures it can flow through the nozzle threads and upwards out of the top of the heater block. Users printing with ABS filament will not see the same problem as found with PLA. ABS is more viscous and is not able to flow through the nozzle threading.

Thank you for your patience as we have looked into several possible solutions.

We recommend that affected users utilize one of the following quick and easy procedures.

Recommendation 1:Seal the heater block with PTFE tape.
If you plan to change nozzles frequently this fix is the best option of the three. However, this fix does require removing more parts than the other two.


Recommendation 2:Seal the nozzle with high temp thread locker
If you do not plan to change nozzles often but would still like the option of being able to change out nozzles this is the fix for you. This fix does require sourcing a high-temp thread locker.


Recommendation 3:Seal the nozzle with PTFE tape
This is the easiest of the three fixes but does make the nozzle permanent. If you do not plan to ever change nozzle sizes this is the way to go.


If you have any further questions or would like assistance please contact us at Support@LulzBot.com. Please include your order number, name, order date and as much information as possible.