Here at LulzBot headquarters we use a lot of plastic filament so we created a spooling station to transfer the plastic filament onto a reel. We use a custom modified extension cord holder in addition to a few printed parts.

3D Printer plastic filament spooling solution




  • Bayco 150-ft Plastic Cord Reel
  • Bayco 150-ft Plastic Cord Reel

    Printed Parts

  • Printed Drill Spooler adapter
  • 3D Printed drill adapter for plastic filament spooling

  • Minimalistic spool by whosawatsis

    We use the m8 option.

  • 3D printer plastic filament coil holder

    Modify your Extension Cord Holder

    Use the following images to modify the cord holder.

    Load the filament

    Use the drill adapter to drive the cord reel and start coiling your filament. It's recommended to secure the reel holder and the filament spool.

    Splitting Reeled Plastic Filament

    You can use 2 of these 2 inch reel hubs to mount a reel of filament.