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Ladies and gentleman, it has arrived! Laywoo-D3 wood filament is now available in the LulzBot shop. All the freedom and creativity that your machine can offer, now in an attractive (and yes- slightly fragrant) wooden form. Laywoo-D3 filament has very similar print qualities to PLA and is easy to use - just load it up as you would with plastic, and you're ready to print. Start with your extrusion temperature around 180C and try experimenting; the range of usable tempature is fairly wide, and as you print hotter the filament will get darker. You can even vary the temperature for a natural look or "tree ring" effect!

From toys to tools, to miniatures and recreations, to undetectable replacement parts for wooden heirlooms... what will you be printing?

Keep an eye on the blog for the newest available materials - there's lots more to come.


I have heard that the Laywoo-D3 filament has the best print quality and I want to know its price.

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Thanks for your interest! It does have a great print quality and you can find it in our store for $50. Thanks, and happy printing!


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