LulzBot in Las Vegas

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It seems that the Maker Faire is growing more popular - and more ubiquitous! - every day. This weekend, Sin City will be taken over by hackers, makers, programmers, and all-out geeks as the Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire sets up shop. Like with every 'Faire, there will be tons to do and see - and lots of great new ideas to get those gears of invention and curiosity a-turning.

This time around, though, we are especially excited to announce that LulzBot will have a small presence there! Our friends at SynShop have just received an AO-100 printer, which they will be showing off at their booth. If you're in the area, stop on down and check it out. Spread the love! (Or, rather, the Lulz!)

Convention season is taking off, and we couldn't be more excited. We have some cool local events coming up (namely, our 3D Printing Open House!) but we are looking forward to expanding our horizons. Where would you like to see LulzBot this year?

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